Liar, Liar, Heart's Desire snippet

Wednesday is release day for Liar, Liar, Heart's Desire, (the conclusion to Liar, Liar, Tabloid Writer) so I thought it would be a good time to give you a snippet.

A tiny bit of background and setting... Cleo and Alec are fixing themselves grilled cheese and tomato soup. Earlier Alec stated that perfect crimes were a rare occurrence.

  “If you wanted to murder someone, how would you do it?” Cleo asked.

  Alec smiled. Good. Her mind was working again. He topped half the bread slices with cheese. “I’d take them hunting.”
  She twisted to look at him. “Do you hunt?”
  He set the microwave for ten seconds to soften up the butter then plugged in the grill, so it would preheat. “Not since I was a kid, but I’d take it up again.”
  “So you’d take them hunting and then what? Just shoot them?”
  “Sure. Hunters shoot each other all the time.”
  “Not that often.”
  “Often enough.”
  She turned back to the stove but not before he caught the beginning of a smile. “Yes, your honor. I shot him. But it was an accident. All eight times.”
  Alec laughed. “Yeah, you gotta make sure the first one is fatal, or it kinda falls apart.” The microwave dinged. He got out the butter and went to work spreading it evenly on the bread.
She shook her head. “It wouldn’t work. If you hated someone bad enough to want them dead, they’d never agree to go hunting with you.”
  “I didn’t say there weren’t logistical problems to work out."

Hope you enjoyed it, and there's still time to get Liar, Liar, Heart's Desire for the pre-release price of 99 cents. 

If you're interested, here's the blurb:
Cleo Morgan is a liar.

And they’re not little, white liars but big, black whoppers. She’s lying to everyone in her hometown, letting them believe she still works for a reputable paper when, in reality, she’s sold her soul to The Inside Word, a tell-all supermarket tabloid no one wants to admit they read.

She’s lying to Alec Ramirez, the tabloid’s star reporter, who is training her to write their kind of story their way. He doesn’t know the woman who’s been arrested for murder in the story they’re covering is her mother. Or that Cleo is conspiring with her old boyfriend to steal that story out from under him and using it to buy her way back into her old life.

And she may be lying to herself that leaving Alec behind when she goes will be easy. Because she absolutely, unequivocally, beyond the shadow of any doubt does not want him in her life on a permanent basis.

Thursday Writing Quotes ~ Phillips

The fundamental fantasy of the romance novel isn't a sexual fantasy. These are novels of female empowerment—stories in which women emerge victorious from every obstacle that life throws their way ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips