Thursday Writing Quote ~ Janet Fitch

Your protagonist is your reader’s portal into the story. The more observant he or she can be, the more vivid will be the world you’re creating. They don’t have to be super-educated, they just have to be mentally active. Keep them looking, thinking, wondering, remembering. ~ Janet Fitch

Nuggets for May

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Thursday Writing Quote ~ Tony Hillerman

No matter how carefully you have the project planned, first chapters tend to demand rewriting. Things happen. New ideas suggest themselves, new possibilities intrude. ~ Tony Hillerman

Thursday Writing Quote

“There is no mistaking a good book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.” ~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Thursday Writing Quote ~ Einstein

"No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?" ~ Albert Einstein

Thursday Writing Quotes ~ Leo Tolstoy

The best stories don't come from "good vs. bad" but from "good vs. good." ~ Leo Tolstoy