Nuggets for August

 Because I've been writing like a crazy person and celebrating the release of my first book (you can read an excerpt here if you're so inclined), I've been letting Six Sentence Sundays stand in for regular blog posts. I'll get back on some kind of regular schedule soon, but in the meantime, I've been collecting links to share.

Everything is changing in publishing. Alexandra Sokoloff talks about epublishing and provides valuable links (so this is a link to links--it had to happen sooner or later)

A good post from Carley Ash about writing the opposite gender when that gender is male.

Wisdom about when to query from Query Tracker's blog.

Rock Canyon U has some great stuff geared toward authors who write for children, but this compilation is great food for thought for any writer

I posted a while back about the challenges of staying abreast of technology in your stories. This post from D.P Lyle is a wonderful illustration of cell phone technology that could impact your story.

Over at Ringing out my balalaika, Paige put together some of Angela James' tweets about the comments from the rejection reports at Carina Press, which give an interesting insight into how editors think during the acquisition project.

Scene or Summary. Sometimes a tough choice, but Lynnette LaBelle provides some solid guidance.


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