Nuggets for May

Patricia Wrede writes one of my favorite blogs. She's had a couple of very good posts lately.
This one about giving depth to your characters is a good reminder to look for missed opportunities.
This one is about following "the rules" off a cliff.

Liv is always generous about sharing what she's figured out.
How to Make your Readers Cry: Anatomy of a Death Scene
She's also got some good tips for creating emotional depth

The Graveyard shift has a fabulous post about how cops watch for lies.
 I Know You're Lying

If you have a character (anything from an MC to a walk on), it's always good to know the cop culture so their appearance will ring true. These two posts from Margaret Taylor will help.
I Have Your Back
Cop Awareness

The Scop has an interesting blog about withholding secrets from the reader.

Romance University has a great post about 10 Ways to Create Vivid, Compelling Characters

DP Lyle, MD always has interesting posts. Planning to stage murder? Using drugs to knock out a character? Want to know about strangulation. This is for you.

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