Nuggets for June

If you're making money from your writing, DON'T FORGET that you may owe estimated taxes. Thanks to Patricia Wrede for the reminder and, for us new to actually seeing money from our writing, an explanation of how estimated taxes work.

If you've been around here for very long, you know I'm not a fan of following rules off a cliff, however I like these rules because guest blogger Jodi Renner post on Style Blunders doesn't just list "the rules," she explains what the logic behind the rule is, so you can figure out when you need to take the rule to heart.


What makes a great character? Insights from successful authors:

There's more difference between first and third person narration than you think. A lesson from Jennifer Crusie.

Questions that really get to the heart of your character

Patricia Wrede shares some tips and tricks for revising
And then she has a good post on differentiating character voices

David McFarland has an interesting post about how to choose the pov character in a scene:


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