Tuesday Teaser/Opening ~ Blood and Circumstance

This week I'm reading Blood and Circumstance by Frank Turner Hollon.

Joel Stabler kills his beloved brother Danny in what appears to be murder in the name of mercy. When Joel’s lawyers assign a psychologist to determine his sanity at the time of the shooting, the full story of the brothers’ past and long family history of mental illness begin to unfold.

Told entirely through Joel’s pre-trial interview sessions with Dr. Andrews, Blood and Circumstance takes on the argument of nature versus nurture. And as Joel responds to the doctor’s probing questions, he, in turn, begins to evaluate the doctor, stealing glimpses of his notes and speculating about his personal life. As the reader listens in on their conversations, it becomes less and less clear whom to trust, what is certain, or where truth and fact actually live.

He stands in the kitchen doorway, a black figure surrounded by the yellow light background, the small details of his face unseen from the darkness of the living room. His left shoulder leans slightly against the threshold, a pistol suspended from the left hand, dangling in the yellow space between the hip and the dark.

"Sometimes when people leave, it's worse than dying for the people they leave behind. We don't usually choose to die. But we sure as hell choose to leave."

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  1. Not sure this is for me, but good opening & teaser.

  2. Sounds like a good psychological thriller. It's fun to learn how a character ticks, isn't it? Hope you're enjoying the story.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG.

  3. Oh, this one sounds gripping and intense. I do like stories told in this fashion...it's like being a fly on the wall in a therapy session.

    Thanks for sharing...and here's mine: “ONE STEP TOO FAR”

  4. I like the introduction and teaser and would be interested in continuing just based on those. The blurb makes me even more curious!

    1. Well, worth reading. I've finished this and don't want to give away the ending, but it left gobsmacked. In a very good way.

  5. Interesting way to tell the story.

  6. Hmmm, curious for a bit more. Glad u enjoyed it Suzie.