Tuesday Teaser/Opening ~ A Spark of Death

This week, I'm reading a cozy historical mystery, A Spark of Death: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery.

Can death bring a man back to life? When UW Professor Benjamin Bradshaw discovers a despised colleague dead inside the Faraday Cage of the Electric Machine, his carefully controlled world shatters. The facts don't add up--the police shout murder--and Bradshaw is the lone suspect. To protect his young son and clear his name, he must find the killer.

Seattle in 1901 is a bustling blend of frontier attitude and cosmopolitan swagger. The Snoqualmie Falls Power Plant lights the city, but to most Seattleites, electricity is new-fangled and dangerous. The public wants a culprit--they want Bradshaw behind bars. The killer wants Bradshaw dead.

His life and liberty threatened, Bradshaw discovers the thrill of investigation as he's thrust deeper into the hunt.Questions abound. How had the Electric Machine's Tesla Coil delivered a fatal shock? Was the murder personal--or connected to President McKinley's planned visit? Were students involved, or in danger? And why had Bradshaw's best friend, Henry, fled to Alaska the day of the murder?

When Henry's niece Missouri appears on Bradshaw's porch in need of a home, her unorthodox views and femininity confuse and intrigue him as he struggles to protect his own haunting secret. Danger and death lurk everywhere--disguised as accidents. Has Bradshaw come alive again only to lose all he holds dear? Before it's too late, will he discover the circuit path that led to a spark of death?

  A curtain of pale hair hid the young man's downturned face. His skinny fingers trembled as he toyed with the pencil. He'd been staring at his examination paper without making a single mark for ten minutes.
  Test anxiety. Professor Benjamin Bradshaw knew it well. Bradshaw himself had never been good at written examinations. It was the blank page, the abstract theory that vexed him. Put him on a pole with a length of wire to string, give him the components of an electric motor to assemble, and his mind sang. This young man was much the same.

  "I help the students understand the material so they they can pass their exams. It's called teaching, Detective. It's what I'm paid to do."

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  1. Not my sort of book but hope you enjoy!

  2. This sounds really interesting! I love crime novels where the main character has some stake in the resolution besides solving his case. And who doesn't recognize exam fear? Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great week!
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    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I'm not quite sure about this. I'd have to read some more before I made up my mind.

  4. Not sure, but the intro would make me read a bit more. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. Okay, you grabbed my interest. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  6. The second paragraph is what especially hooked me. I like the sound of this one, and I do love a historical mystery. I hope you enjoy it!