Nuggets for March

This is a great post about the cost of self publishing, but what I find really interesting is the pricing philosophy at the end

I sometimes need permission to do things in ways other than what's recommended by "best practices." This post has things to say about content editors that I already suspected, so if you're wondering if you really need a content editor, this is a post you need to read.

This appeared via Passive Guy a while back, but it's worth reminding everyone that you can widen your audience by working with another writer

Jodi Henley has a good post about blurb writing

I came across this post by Chuck Wendig that's thought provoking about what it really means to write strong female characters

God forbid any of us ever experiences someone sending a DMCA to Amazon or any of our other retailers, claiming to own the rights to our works, but if it should happen, this site explains succinctly how to file a counter claim.

I recently had a problem with visitors to this site getting redirected to a commercial site. Eventually, I figured out it was the Mailchimp gadget I added causing the problem. I don't understand why or how that would be the case, but it certainly put me off using their services. So if I needed an alternative. Here's what I found. (And if anyone has anything to say about these business, please leave a comment.)

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  1. The counter claim link is very handy in particular.