Are Your Male Characters Breaking the Man Laws?

             Do you remember these? Miller Lite really had something here because, while there may not be a bunch of guys sitting around a square table somewhere defining these rules, you know that guys have these odd concepts about how "men" act practically embedded in their DNA. If you want your heroes to ring true, they've got to have a code they live by that defines them as men. It may not make sense to us women--okay, it almost certainly will not make sense to us women--but they've got to have it or they're just tall, hairy women with a strap-on.


What Man Laws do your characters abide by?


  1. >:^(

    Now I just spent like half an hour watching man-law commercials on YouTube.



  2. Too funny! And yes, I watched all three commercials. Thanks for the pick me up! :)

  3. Hilarious! Thanks for putting this together. A little levity is always welcomed and this is a unique way to pass it along.


  4. Why does everyone think I'm kidding?