Men vs. women

Humor is a subjective thing and what I might find hysterically funny, someone else might not even chuckle over. But when you can stand in front of a crowd and make them laugh, then what you're saying has some universality to it and people are amused because what you're saying hits a chord. They recognize it as true. (If you don't believe that, pay attention in the clips below when the camera is on the audience. You'll see a lot of "Oh yeah!" moments.) As fun as stand-up comedy is, as writers, we need to pay attention to what they have to say because the stock-in-trade of both writers and comics is truth. One of the most common topics for comedians is the Battle of the Sexes aka the struggle to understand each other.

So watch.
And remember it when it's time to write how members of opposite genders act.

How women and men think:

For years, standup comedy was dominated by men and they made jokes about how they didn't understand their wives. I love that women have cracked this market. Here, Monique Marvez, talks about how men and women are different. You'll notice that she doesn't claim not to understand men.

Why an audience of men only are a comedian's worst nightmare:


  1. I tend to find women standups funnier then the guys, as a whole.

  2. Or could it be that you just like hearing one of us admit that we start most of the fights? I noticed that went over big with the guys in the audience. ;)