Another Six Sentence Sunday

I've been neglecting my blog. It's not intentional because I actually enjoy it. I do have a good excuse however in the form of a prescription from my doctor. The new medication is doing good things, but one of the side effects has been that it makes me tired. And when I say tired, I mean that if I'm not on the move, I'm ready to crawl into bed. I've spent so much time sleeping that I think I was contemplating trying out for the Olympic Sleeping Team, but my body seems to finally be acclimating, so I plan to get back on schedule with the blog.

A Six Sentence Sunday seems like a good way to start, so let's do it.

This is from my current WIP. A little background is in order.

Cleo's journalism carreer was going well, but personal circumstances force her to take a job that paid more than she could ever hope to make where she was. To her mortification the job is at tabloid. This tidbit comes from her first day on the job. She's just been introduced around and given her cubicle. She knows she'll be learning the ropes from Alec, a fellow "reporter" who she can't help but notice is on the hunky side. (Must be those well honed powers of observation that makes her a good reporter.) She's been looking at past issues of the tabloid, and in a moment of despair, lays her head on her desk.

"Contemplating suicide already?"

Startled, Cleo jumped into an upright position so hard her chair nearly tipped over backwards. She grabbed the desktop with both hands to keep herself from going ass over teakettle. When she was sure she was no longer in danger of showing the world the color of her thong underwear, she discovered that, sitting in her chair, her eyes were level with Alec's crotch.

He apparently found uncoordinated women a turn on, because he either had a hard-on that would choke a giraffe or he stuffed his pants with rolled up socks. Given the environment they were in, her money was on the socks.

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit.

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  1. This is such a fun premise and six. I thought I was the only one who used "ass over teakettle!" LOL And the great last line makes this a terrific six. Loved it!

  2. Hahaha! Loved the socks line!

  3. That last line is killer. I just cracked up! Great six!

  4. Well, if it's not socks... hmmm.

  5. I had to think about the giraffe comment, it's late and I'm not quite with it, but then I roared with laughter. I have a friend that will love this, and I'm off to share.

  6. LOL! That's great! Love at a tabloid? That could get interesting. :o)

  7. Everyone's response is so gratifying. I love when people laugh where they're supposed to. Thank you, everyone.

  8. Choke a giraffe! LMAO. I love the humor.

  9. Love humor in a story. This six fit the bill. I want to read more.

  10. Fun stuff - found you through SheWrites, now following you as a fellow sister in romance and other writing. It's hard getting back on that pony once we've had to take a break, isn't it?

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