Six Sentence Sunday - Knight of Hearts #2

Welcome back, fans & sixers,

So I scoured Knight of Hearts, looking for a six sentence excerpt that would entertain. I found this one early in the story, when Rachel is coaching Mac on how to meet and pick up women. In desperation, she's dragged him to the gym and sicced him on an attractive blonde.

Watching them, a vague but unrelenting yearning grew in Rachel's gut. In spite of the frustration Mac could engender, Rachel admired his courage. He wanted back into the dating pool, and he was willing to risk his emotions and his ego, not just once—or even once a day—but over and over, and though he grumbled, he let her send him out to face the next rejection, sometimes with no recovery time in between.

The blonde bent over Mac, asking a question. His response made her laugh before she adjusted his weights, and an arrow seemed to take Rachel through the chest. She wanted that. She wanted someone to stand over her; someone who would encourage her and make sure she wasn't trying to lift too much weight by herself.

Coming from Rachel, who can be a bit of a pit bull, even internal vulnerability is uncommon, so I hope you enjoyed this little window into her soul.

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  1. Great job! I loved the line about the lifting weights.

  2. Interesting window into her character Suzie!

  3. When is the full story of Georgie and Sol being released! I was so dragged into their story from All's Fair :) Rebecca

  4. Sol & Georgia haven't got an ETA yet. Sol's being . . . difficult. (I'm sure that's a big surprise. Not.) When he's especially difficult, Ezra & Gideon & Daisy all start trying to elbow their way to the front of the line, but the stories are coming. Someday.