Nuggets for August

Alexandra Sokoloff always has interesting things to say. Maybe it's her screenwriting background. Or maybe it's that she writes horror (those folks are always a little "different.") But her slightly altered perspective

A different perspective on pricing ebooks

Patricia Wrede has some suggestions on what to do with that novel with the great beginning that you don't know what to do with.

Another thoughtful post by Kristine Rusch about what should be deal breakers in publishing contracts.

Whether you're looking to make your manuscript rise above to catch an agent's eye or you intend to publish independently, a developmental editor may be what you need. How do you know? The book deal explains what you should get from a developmental editor at  Don't miss following the link about how to find a good one.

Story structure isn't as easy to implement as it seems, so I love when Larry Brooks writes about it because he really understands it.

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