The Soundtrack - Trace Adkins

At the opening of Knight of Hearts, Mac walks into a hotel bar in Texas and sees Rachel sitting on a bar stool. It seemed like the perfect place for the song There's a Girl in Texas by Trace Adkins.

Now I love baritones. Josh Turner, Rodney Atkins, Jason Aldean, Trace . . . I have to admit, of all the baritones I listen to, Josh Turner has the prettiest voice, but a voice isn't everything. Song choice and delivery count, indeed sometimes trump voice, and Trace's sense of humor often shows up in his song choice. He loves songs with double entendres. One of his bigger "fun" songs is Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

So now I admit my bias. I love Trace. I have all his albums, so I know he has tons of good songs, but to be be honest, I wish I could pick his single releases. If that were my job, half the songs on his Comin' on Strong album would have been singles. But even as good as that album is, my all time favorite song is on X (TEN). The song Can't Outrun You (album cut, so no video) transcends genre, especially with the minimal musical accompaniment that perfectly compliments Trace's singing. This gives you a real preview of the power in this man's voice. It's breathtaking. I always stop what I'm doing when this song plays, close my eyes, and take it in.

What were they thinking not releasing this as a single?

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  1. I have heard his name before, but because I don't listen to much country music, I haven't paid much attention to him.