Tuesday Teaser ~ Seconds to Disaster

This week, I'm reading Seconds to Disaster by Glenn Meade and Ray Ronan. It's enough to put me off flying forever.

As with the Air France Flight 447 tragedy, much of the time air crashes are a confluence of events; a cascade of bad luck, bad decisions, inappropriate airline company policy, the failure of aviation regulators, and sometimes insufficient training, or various combinations of all five.

Seconds to Disaster will demonstrate that part of that bad luck is often aided by the airline industry’s own endless and aggressive pursuit of bottom-line profit which contributes to a creeping erosion of safety standards and puts both passenger and crew lives at serious risk.

Seconds to Disaster explores a highly contentious issue: what parts do both the airline industry and the worldwide watchdog authorities responsible for governing that industry contribute in playing dice with passenger lives, through negligence and collusion.

Air France Flight 447
  It was no night for dying.
  In Rio De Janeiro that late May the temperature hung close to eighteen degrees. It was approaching midwinter in Brazil but that night the air was balmy, not a breath of wind whispered in the humid air. On Copacabana Beach, the sea glassy calm, promenades thronged with families and lovers enjoying a stroll, groups of tanned teenage boys and girls lazing in the sand, laughing and playing music.

The US military believe there may be up to 80 percent infiltration of counterfeit parts in its inventory. Some have even found their way onto the United States President's own aircraft, Air Force One.

Would you keep reading?

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  1. Oh, I'd definitely keep on reading. The opening paragraph sets a lovely scene ... but the teaser sets a sombre, scary note. And yes, the blurb is enough to put me off flying!

  2. It is a pretty catchy opener, I have to say. So I would give this one a maybe.

    My opener post lives here if you're interested: http://www.bookpunks.com/so-it-begins-radiant-by-karina-sumner-smith/

  3. I'd need to read a little more to be sure, but I think this one would grab my attention.

  4. What a cool cover. By the intro and cover, I'd rea a but more before deciding. Hope you enjoy it.

  5. I already don't fly. I think reading this would make me worry about everyone who does!
    Today I am featuring When the Moon Is Low by Nadia Hashimi.

  6. I am not a comfortable flier. Ever. I do it, on occasion, but it's tough for me. The book sounds really interesting and really, really scary to me. So, would I read it? A big maybe. LOL

  7. That cover really grabbed me....and so did the blurb and opening lines. I do want to know more!

    Here's mine: “THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTER”

  8. That's quite an opening! It makes me want to know more, so I'd keep reading.

  9. I think this is one book I'd be better off not reading ;-)

  10. Ooh I couldn't keep reading I have to fly far too often but it does sound really interesting.

  11. That is frightening! I love to fly, but it definitely gives me pause.

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