Research Odds and Ends

I thought it might be fun to share those odd little tidbits that one learns in the course of researching . . .  well, whatever. I probably won't be doing this on any regular schedule. Just now and then.

There is no "safest seat" on an airplane. At least not if the plane is involved in a midair collision. However, if the plane is on the ground and you need to evacuate, it's best to be seated within four rows of an exit.
People who commit suicide in a bathtub are invariably clothed.
Asking a witness (or suspect) to tell their story backwards can have an interesting effect according to The Scientific American: This strategy has a double effect: For truth tellers, it makes recall easier—in another HIG study, reverse telling produced twice as many details as did recounting chronologically. For liars, the task becomes harder when put in reverse; they become more likely to simplify the story or contradict themselves.
I can't see how I'll ever use this, but one never knows. Still it's interesting.
When neuroscientists want to wash the brain clean of emotions (as when they're doing a comparative study), they pick a large number (like 8,241) and ask the subject to count backward in increments of seven. Supposedly, this is something one could do to calm down when one is upset. Kind of like counting to ten, but way harder. Source: Why We Love by Helen Fisher
The hoof of the Arabian horse tends to be longer than other breeds. Hence, farriers aren't fond of shoeing Arabians because the shoes need to be modified.

Please feel free to share your interesting research in the comments.


  1. The tidbit about a suicide being clothed in a bathtub is a surprise.

    1. Makes sense though when you think about it. Who would want to be found naked?