Another Except from A Dark & Stormy Knight

Georgia McKnight would do anything for her daughter Eden, but the one thing she's failed to do is to provide her daughter with a model of a good marriage. To remedy that, she's set her sights on converting her friendship with Daniel, the divorced father of Eden's best friend, into a romance. Unfortunately, she has to leave Dallas for the summer to help her parents in Hero Creek, where her ex-husband waits, scheming to win her back.

Sol McKnight has three passions in his life: riding bulls, his daughter, and the woman he married right out of high school. He's pulled some underhanded tricks over the years in order to keep his ex-wife single. He doesn't regret a single one of them because, well, they worked. But now, she's come home and he has a chance to win her back for good. If he's smart about it, maybe he can make her see that she belongs with him.

That's the back cover blurb from A Dark & Stormy Knight. I love second chance stories myself. I'm hoping you do, too, but just in case you're not hooked yet, I thought I'd share another excerpt from A Dark & Stormy Knight.

This occurs after Georgia is back in Hero Creek. She's stressed from dealing with her parents and runs into Sol at the local watering hole. The temptation to spend the night with him is too much for her to resist. Sol is, of course, delighted and is eager to get her home before she changes her mind. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly for Sol.

They were a mile from Sol’s trailer when the red and blue lights flashed in his rearview mirror. “Shit, damn, and hellfire!” Sol ground out from clenched teeth. “We’re on a back road, for pity’s sake!” He eased over to the shoulder.

Georgia slid away as he reached into his hip pocket for his license. “Registration’s in the glove box. Would’ja get it for me?” 

A flashlight shone in through his window. “In a hurry, Sol?” 

“Not anymore,” Sol grumbled as he offered his license. “How you doing, Tyrone?” 

“Better’n you.” Tyrone flashed the light at Georgia. “Then again, maybe not.” 

Georgia shielded her eyes from the glare, and Tyrone lowered the light so it didn’t catch her dead-on. Sol stifled a growl as it lit up her chest. 

“Hey, Georgia. I heard about your mama. How’s she doing?” 

Georgia hesitated as though shifting mental gears then said, “She getting better, but it’s a slow process.” She pressed the registration into Sol’s hand. Sol offered it up, blocking the light that illuminated her chest. 

“Heard you was taking care of her,” Tyrone said, talking around Sol. “How long you figure to be around?” 

“You gonna write me a ticket, Tyrone?” Sol interrupted. This wasn’t a damned class reunion.The flashlight shifted to the license. “You been drinking tonight?” Tyrone’s voice lost its chatty quality. 

“Not me,” Sol lied.

 Tyrone pursed his lips and waited as though a little silence could get Sol to confess. 

Sol kept his gaze steady and his mouth shut. 

“You gonna keep driving like you got a bear on your tail?” 

Sol sighed heavily. “No.” 

“I should write you up anyway.” 

Sol ground his teeth. Tyrone was one of the good ol’ boys, but Jake had gone out with Tyrone’s girlfriend a couple of months before when he was home on break from Texas A&M, and Tyrone wasn’t above making Sol pay for his brother’s indiscretion. 

“You promise to slow it down, and I’ll let you go with a warning.” 

“You got my word,” Sol said, grateful to the bone that Tyrone wasn’t pulling him out of the truck and making him do stupid human tricks to prove his sobriety. “Slow and easy.” 

He took his time pocketing his wallet. By the time the registration was back in the glove box, Tyrone had driven away. Sol watched the patrol car’s taillights disappear down the road ahead of them then glanced at Georgia. Looking at her, his chest went all hollow, and he had to struggle to breathe. He couldn’t believe she was there with him. Then he saw the look on her face and knew she was about to change directions on him. 

He reached over, hooked her neck, dragged her over to him, and laid a hard, wet kiss on her mouth before she could say it. He kissed her until he felt the resistance pass out of her, like an evil spirit being exorcised. 

I love you. If his lips hadn’t been busy, he would have said it out loud. The close call made him pull back. 

She didn’t want to hear that. At least not from him.

Poor Sol. He's really going to have to up his game if he wants to win Georgia back. 

A Dark & Stormy Knight is available at Amazon and will soon be available at other major online retailers.

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