It's Release Day!

Okay, make that release day plus one. A Dark & Stormy Knight went live on Amazon around 5 p.m. yesterday. I'm still working on the file to load to Smashwords who will distribute it to Barnes & Noble and other venues, but that should be done soon, but it's there on Amazon, so I'm counting it.

To celebrate, I thought I'd share a snippet and introduce you to Georgia's grandmother. She's a feisty old lady. A lot of fun in her own right.

“There you are,” Grams said. “I wanted to let you know I’m leaving as soon as Delores gets here.”

“Are you sure you don’t want something to eat before you go?” Georgia brushed off the seat of her jeans before following her grandmother inside.
“Not a chance,” Grams said, walking and talking as she checked the contents of her purse for the forty-seventh time. “Cecelia’s son was up from the gulf last week, and he always brings her a butt load of cracked crab that she serves on these fancy crackers. I ain’t spoiling my appetite when I can pig out on that.” She closed her purse. “Oh, there’s Delores.”

Georgia looked out the living room window to see an older Cadillac pull in. Grams hung the handle of her purse over her arm and headed out. Georgia stood in the open screen door, ready to grab for her if she missed her footing on the steps. When Grams reached the yard without mishap, Georgia looked toward the car. 

Had Delores gotten out? She didn’t see her anywhere. A movement from inside the car caught her attention. It looked like . . . She squinted. A hand. Was someone waving at her? 

Holy hell. Delores had always been petite, but age had shrunk her to the size of a squirrel. She could barely see over the steering wheel. In fact, she probably looked through it. 

Georgia’s hands itched to grab Grams and forbid her to ride with Delores, but since she wasn’t Grams’ mama, grounding her wasn’t an option. Grams would just call her a worrywart and insist on going anyway. Hoping this wasn’t the last time she’d see her grandmother alive, Georgia waved hesitantly back as Grams got in the car. 

Her daddy’s pickup pulled in as Delores and Grams were about to pull out. The pickup stopped next to them as though her daddy planned to talk to Delores from his open window, but Delores pulled out as if she hadn’t noticed, and Georgia again questioned why she’d let Grams get in that car. Was this a preview of what she had to look forward to when Eden and her friends started driving? Hell, no, Georgia decided as her Daddy parked the pickup to come in for dinner; Eden she could ground

I can't help wishing I'd had a grandmother like this. Hope you like her. 

A Dark & Stormy Knight is available at Amazon.

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