Does Your Story Tango?

          I ran across a blog post about how sensual dancing is and I have to agree, but while I like the examples Alyssa uses, I would make different choices.

To my sensibilities, the tango has it all. A well-danced tango is a story about courtship. The initial attraction followed by the chase. Moments of pretended indifference followed by moments of such intensity that one must either consummate or break away. All done in perfect synchronism of course.

Good story tellers strive for exactly this balance.

This scene from Take the Lead is probably my favorite movie tango ever. It doesn't hurt that Antonio Banderas is Hot, Hot, HOT!

This clip from Shall We Dance? illustrates well that the tango is a dance of "almosts." So often they seem to be on the verge of a kiss. So tempting. So tantalizing.

Jennifer Grey's tango on Dancing with the Stars starts out with a musical challenge--almost a dare that Derek Hough doesn't hesitate to answer.

Even if you're hopelessly hetrosexual, this tango from Frida so sensual and hot that you can practically feel the humidity.

And finally, back to Take the Lead for the innovative tango at the finale. The story told in the dance is clear and compelling.

So . . . does your story tango?


  1. Interesting analogy! That push and pull is vital, and sometimes it's easy to ignore the pulling away part. Plunging full speed ahead can be less satisfying in the long run.

  2. I LOVE the tango and the examples you offer. I have seen all before, besides Frida. That sizzles too. Thanks for a wonderful ride!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Yes, the pulling away part is what causes tension in the reader and makes them keep reading. Vitally important.


  4. Hi Annie,

    I'm with you on the tango. And the music is crucial to me. A tango to the wrong sort of music loses something, I think.

    And I only noticed as I was checking this for typos (which I never seem to see until it posts) that Antonio is in 3 of the clips. *sigh* Just a little extra eye candy.

  5. The tango was the most fun to dance. It was that shashaying movement that I loved. :)

  6. I always suspected as much, Cat. Sadly, I've danced for too many years with men who don't know how to lead, and since nature abhors a vacuum, I can no longer follow.