Six Sentence Sunday - Knight in Cowboy Boots #2

After a brief hiatus, I'm back with Six Sentence Sunday.

In my initial SSS post, I lamented about the challenge of finding six sentences that conveyed something worth anyone's time to read it. Finding that nugget seems to be getting easier. Maybe I've just figured how to recognize snippets that have possibilities. Anyway . . .

This if from A Knight in Cowboy Boots due to be released from Pink Petal Books in August. I should have a cover next month. So Excited. And a little nervous though I don't know why. I love their covers. That's what got them considered for the short-list when I decided to epublish.

The setup is simple. After spending several months on an offshore oil rig, Zach is spending a few days in Galveston before heading home to the family ranch. The woman he's just met intrigues him enough that he wants to stay a few extra days. He's just called home to tell his old-fashioned mother that he's going to be arriving later than anticipated.

“Have you met a woman?” Her tone was suspicious.

Zach closed his eyes and groaned silently. In his mamma’s eyes, nothing but a good paying job or a woman would keep one of her boys away from the ranch. And since he was in the city, undoubtedly, she would be a woman of loose moral character. Exactly the kind of woman her sons appreciated far more than their mamma did.

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  1. Oooh, fun. I hope he has a big surprise for mama! I love cowboys - great six!

  2. I love it when big tough cowboys can't handle their mamas. lol!

  3. No woman's too good for her boys, it seems. Great snippet!

  4. Guess momma wants her boys to find girls like her. Fat chance of that.

  5. Mothers just never appreciate the allure, do they? *grin* Great six, left me smiling. Thanks :)

    Dawn's Early Light 6SS

  6. Aren't boys always pickin up girls their mammas wouldn't approve of... great 6!

  7. Yes, aren't families fun? Mamas always have a different criteria than what their boys are looking for. ;)

  8. Ha! Love the internal musings :)