Six Sentence Sunday - A Knight in Cowboy Boots #4

Before we get to the snippet, I have a question. I've notice a lot of folks choose steamy situations to pull their 6 from, others lean toward humor. So I'm taking an unofficial poll: Do you prefer steamy or humorous when you visit 6 sentence Sunday sites?

Now that that's out of the way . . .

In celebration of A Knight in Cowboy Boots coming out at Pink Petal Books next month, I've posted another snippet for your reading pleasure.

This occurs after Zach's sister Rachel made sure both Zach and Maddie went to church with her, so she could decide if she approves of Maddie. (Yes, Rachel has control issues.) When Zach and Maddie end up at her place afterward, things get a bit steamy until . . .

Zach closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. Lord, give me strength. “I don’t have a condom.”

“You don’t have a condom?” Maddie repeated as though he’d said he’d forgotten to bring his balls.

“Hey! I thought I was going to church with Jake and Rachel," Zach said. "Somehow it seems like God might doubt my sincerity if I start packing condoms to church!”

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  1. lol! I love this. So funny!

    To answer your question, I like it when there's variety in the snippets. Some funny, some sad, some sexy, some hot. :)

  2. Hee-hee! That's awesome.

    I like humor and I like intensity. Steamy is fine, but I like it best served up with a nice sprinkling of one of those spices.

  3. Even without a condom, I think God will know what his intentions are! LOL. I like both steamy and funny snippets. What I like to see is something that is different or unexpected. It doesn't have to be the entire snippet, but at least a line. Post something that stands out from all the rest.

  4. I like humor best, especially mixed with sexiness. Your six sentences fit that requirement!

  5. ROFL at the last line.
    That said, as long as the six wants us to buy the book or at least give it a really good look and tell others. You know, those people that read not write.

  6. On the other hand, I'm sure god would applaud his responsible nature! *grin*

    Dawn's Early Light

  7. Fantastic fun six, but with an important point. Thank you.

  8. Definitely prefer humorous... I tend to skip over the steamy ones :)

    Your last line here is particularly memorable :D

  9. Terrific ones!

    I tend to go for the humorous.

  10. Excellent! and thank you for mentioning condoms, few do. I generally prefer humour. Though in this case got both steamy and humour. As it should be since steamy without giggles is no fun at all!