Six Sentence Sunday - A Knight in Cowboy Boots #3

Since A Knight in Cowboy Boots will be released soon, I thought it would be a good thing to continue sharing snippets from it so you can decide if you'll like it. Hopefully, you'll be intrigued because I can't imagine anything finer than sharing these characters with readers.

This is fairly self explanatory. Zach's family is in the business of breeding rodeo bulls, so he needs to check out a bull they're thinking about buying. He wants Maddie to go with him. So okay. I snuck in a couple of extra (short) sentences. We'll all pretend we didn't notice, right? And yes, that is a sexual innuendo.

“I’m thinking I oughta go to the Gladewater rodeo this week. I gotta make a decision about a bull. Since you ain’t seen a Texas rodeo, why don’t you and Jesse come with me?”

“Because everything is bigger and better in Texas?”

Zach wagged his eyebrows and smiled suggestively. “Ain’t I already proved that?”

Maddie laughed. “The evidence has been persuasive.”

A Knight in Cowboy Boots will be available in August. (Did I mention that already? Don't worry. I'll mention it again when the time is right.)

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  1. "The evidence has been persuasive"! Great line. Cute snippet.

  2. LOL, very suggestive question and answer there LOL.
    Will watch out for this book when it's released!

  3. Glad you like it, Taryn. This is a fair representation of the type of humor I write with.

  4. Hi Paula, I hope you do and I hope you enjoy it. The "presentation of the evidence" will never fit into a six sentence snippet, which is a good thing, because I'd be tempted to share it here and I try to keep the blog no more than R-rated.

  5. I'm looking forward to the book, for sure! Very nice, very humorous. I like the wagging eyebrows!

  6. So it is true what they say about Texas! LOL.

  7. LOL I just read a book about rodeos and bull riding. Though I gather this scene does not contain any BS

  8. Cara - Of course it's true what they say about Texas. I couldn't have set the story anywhere else. ;)

    Sassyspeaks - No BS in this scene. That comes later.

    Gayle - You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until he -- oh, no, never mind. Trying to keep this from being X rated.

    And, Rebecca, I'm holding you to reading this when it's published because I know where you live. (We haven't done lunch in too long.)

  9. I honestly didn't notice - feel free to sneak in extras in the future. Great snippet :)

  10. hehe. love it. Very cute snippet.

  11. Very realistic dialogue. I can just hear the Texas twang!

  12. Superb dialogue. You have a great grasp of it. Well done.

    Allure Van Sanz